Veterinary Dental Center

How We Clean Teeth

Ten Steps of the Teeth-Cleaning / Diagnostic Visit

A dog or cat teeth cleaning means different things to different people. At our animal hospital the teeth-cleaning visit is a lot more than removing tartar from teeth. Our goal is to restore your pet's mouth to its normal, fresh, healthy state. Having your pet's teeth professionally cleaned is the single most important medical treatment you can give that will result in long-term oral health.

We are serious about keeping your pet's teeth as healthy as possible. Each teeth cleaning is performed at our hospital in a special designed dental suite. There are eleven steps we take to ensure the best for your dog or cat.

What is involved in the teeth cleaning performed at our hospital?

  1. A general exam before anesthesia, including evaluation of the bite, pre-anesthetic blood profile, and identification of abnormal wear patterns, gum infection, and oral cancer
  2. An oral exam under anesthesia
  3. Supragingival (above the gum line) plaque and tartar removal
  4. Subgingival (below the gum line) scaling, root planning, and curettage where indicated. Removing tartar from the tooth crowns may improve the appearance of teeth, but dental disease is more proliferative below the gum line.
  5. Tooth polishing with fluoride
  6. Irrigation of periodontal pockets with antiseptic solution
  7. Dental charting and probing for the medical record. Charting records missing, fractured, and discolored teeth, as well as feline oral resorptive lesions, periodontal pocket depths, gum recession, as well as other lesions noted
  8. Post cleaning exam and x-rays if needed
  9. Therapy if necessary
  10. Home care instructions on oral hygiene. Our dental technician will meet with you after the teeth cleaning to review tooth brushing techniques and your pet's custom-designed oral hygiene program, which is based on conditions found and your pet's willingness to be treated. When performed regularly, brushing or T/D diet will greatly increase the intervals between teeth cleaning appointments.