Veterinary Dental Center

Behind The Scene

The Veterinary Dental Center is within River Heights Veterinary Clinic which is 40 miles west of Chicago near Naperville IL. We provide the dental services for the patients of River Heights Veterinary Clinic as well as referred patients from Chicagoland veterinary hospitals.

River Heights Veterinary Clinic

The Reception /Waiting room is a large, comfortable, clean, naturally lit environment. You will be greeted by a warm and friendly reception staff when you arrive. There are many seating areas including a separate cat waiting area, video monitors and coffee/tea serving area.

Veterinary Dental Center Veterinary Dentist

The hospital has 7 examination rooms that provide a quiet atmosphere to examine your pet and discuss treatment options. Dental models, diagrams and educational handouts will be provided in most cases.

Pet Dentist

Veterinary Dental Center is a State-of-the-Art veterinary dental suite. Our patient’s dental care is provided on one of our two dental workstations. A centrally located veterinary dental X-ray machine allows for intra-oral X-rays to be taken as needed. Each workstation has an anesthetic machine, anesthetic monitor and warm water therapy blanket.

Moreover individual dental lighting and air-powered dental instruments allow routine to advanced procedures to be performed.

Pet Orthodontics

Behind the workstations a large work area allows room for a Countertop/Chairside darkroom where dental x-rays are developed and evaluated. This work area provides ready access to the special instrumentation and dental supplies needed to offer periodontal, endodontic, restorative, and orthodontic services.

Feline Dentistry

Adjacent to our patient workstation is our library, computer access and office workspace. Here, we prepare digital photographs, referral letters, access computerized medical records, and complete our dental charts.

Pet Braces

As needed the Veterinary Dental Center has access to the technician staff at River Heights Veterinary Clinic. They provide pre-anesthetic laboratory testing and nursing care for patients recovering in ICU.

Dog Dentist

Veterinary Dental Center was designed to allow natural light to make it a warm and comfortable workspace. Moreover, the open design has windows that allow clients to view what we do and staff to be aware of patient procedures as they occur.

Animal Dentistry

Please feel free to stop in for a tour and we will gladly answer any questions you have.