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Improved Comfort, Health, & Lifespan

Veterinary Dental Center is designed, equipped, and staffed to provide advanced pet oral care and specialized services so that your pet can enjoy well-deserved comfort, improved health, and enriched lives.

We go beyond teeth cleaning, offering complete oral health care with a wide range of advanced dentistry including root canal therapy and crowns. We also specialize in Maxillofacial surgery such as the repair of jaw fractures, and diagnosis and treatment of oral and facial tumors.

Besides serving pet owners in Aurora Illinois and surrounding areas, Drs. Juriga and Sasser are also passionate about giving back to the community by providing advanced dental services to the Brookfield Zoo, The Shedd Aquarium, and police/military dogs. Learn more about Zoo Animal and Working Dog dentistry.

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We aim to create an experience that will be pleasant for both you and your pet. You will be well informed of the care provided for your faithful animal companion as we work closely with your referring veterinarian. Explore our facility virtually or simply come by and speak with one of our staff.

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The Benefit of Oral Health

As in people, plaque and tartar will build-up on the teeth of your pet. Between beneficial oral care practices you can perform at home and regular professional oral examinations with your veterinarian of choice, you are simply laying the foundation for a long and healthy relationship with your pet.