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Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal disease (ie. loss of supporting gums or bone) can be treated by surgery with the goal of eliminating infection and retaining the affected tooth/teeth.

  • Periodontal pockets receive a deep cleaning to attain healing or reattachment of tissue to the root.
  • Antibiotic implants or bone grafts may be used.
  • Gum surgery (repositioning flaps) may be used to support diseased teeth.
  • Excessive gum tissue can be resected (gingivectomy) to prevent pocket formation and bone loss.

Gum Recession
Gum Recession

Periodontal Graft or Flap
Periodontal Graft or Flap

Gum hyperplasia
Gum Hyperplasia

Gum resection Gingivectomy
Gum Resection or Gingivectomy


Periodontal probing and dental x-rays will identify periodontal disease (loss of supporting gums or bone). We routinely find some degree of gum and bone disease in a majority of our patients. Treatment decisions are based on:

  • The severity of the disease
  • Age and health of your pet
  • Functional importance of the tooth/teeth and likely success of therapy
  • Your ability to maintain oral health at home

Procedural photographs and x-rays illustrating our treatment will be shared with your veterinarian.