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Bone Grafts

Although dogs and cats eat and function well when teeth are extracted, the option to treat or save functionally important teeth, like canine teeth and chewing molars, can be beneficial.

  • Dental x-rays and probing direct us to perform:
    • Deep root cleaning/debridement and antibiotic therapy
    • Bone grafting can be performed to preserve functionally important teeth: canine teeth are used for grasping/retrieving and molars for chewing.

root planing
Probe in deep pocket

bone graft
Open root planing and bone graft

closing bone graft site
Closure of graft site


We perform regenerative procedures that you or I may have done by a periodontist. We treat periodontal pockets with deep cleanings or root planing. Surgical flaps (open root planing) allows us to use techniques developed in human dentistry to place bone grafts and resorbable membranes to regenerate tissue, ultimately retaining the diseased tooth. Procedural photographs will be shared with you and your veterinarian to illustrate our treatment.