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Teeth Cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning is an opportunity to perform a thorough examination of your pet’s oral health.

  • Teeth cleaning is only one of the six steps for comprehensive oral evaluation.
  • Teeth cleaning must be performed under general anesthesia.
  • Probing and dental x-rays are needed for every patient (just like you receive). Anything less will miss a dental disease (pockets, infection, fractures) and your pet could “suffer in silence”.
  • We will share pre, post and procedural photographs illustrating your pet’s oral health status and any treatment performed.


Teeth before professional cleaning and polishing
Before teeth cleaning and evaluation

Teeth after professional cleaning and polishing
After teeth cleaning and polishing

Periodontal pocket bone loss
Periodontal pocket revealing bone loss

dental x-ray bone loss
Dental x-ray revealing severe bone loss

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Dental evaluation for your pets are much more involved than what we receive from our dentist for the following reasons:

  • Our pets cannot talk and rarely exhibit signs of dental pain. Don’t wait till there is a clear (and visible) need for care.
  • Visible signs of dental disease such as gum recession, bone loss, tooth mobility/loss occur late in the disease process.
  • Your pet must be anesthetized in order to perform a thorough evaluation. We will discuss the steps of the procedure and try to overcome any concerns of extended anesthesia, pain, and cost related to findings that require additional treatment. Our goal is to develop the trust necessary to perform any or all needed treatment beyond cleaning/polishing if needed.

Many veterinary dentists advocate a 10-12 step approach to each dental procedure. We have grouped similar steps and provide a 6-step approach to each dental procedure.

Below are the six steps needed to provide comprehensive oral health assessment/treatment plan no matter how nominal the dental disease may appear.

  1. Anesthesia, oral examination, and preliminary charting
  2. Cleaning above and below the gum margin
  3. Tooth polishing and irrigation
  4. Diagnostics: probing and dental x-rays
  5. Therapy as needed (such as root planing, gum surgery, extraction(s), root canal therapy, restorative/crown therapy, orthodontics, oral surgery or biopsy)
  6. Pet owner education about home care (we use procedural photos)