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Anesthesia is a state of unconsciousness that is needed to keep your pet still and calm during an oral assessment, teeth cleaning, dental x-rays, and treatment.

  • Anesthesia is performed with the same medications, monitoring, and support that we humans receive at the hospital.
  • This includes a pre-anesthetic examination and testing, patient monitoring, IV fluids, warmth, and monitored recovery.
  • Pain management is a priority and medications are used before, during and after the procedure for pet comfort and optimal healing.
  • We use individualized anesthetic protocols based on the pets age, type of procedure and health status. We have protocols for pets with heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, and diabetes.


Multi-parameter anesthetics monitor
Multi-parameter anesthetics monitor

Dental technicians monitoring the patient, using an anesthetic chart recording vital parameters into the patient’s record


We would encourage pet owners to familiarize themselves with our Keys to Safe Anesthesia. Every dental patient will receive a physical examination, pre-anesthetic testing, and an individualized anesthetic protocol.

Drs. Juriga and Sasser have had advanced training in anesthesia and have an experienced veterinary nursing staff that has specialized training in anesthesia, support and patient recovery. We are referred and anesthetize many patients with heart, kidney and liver conditions.

Moreover, we follow the American Animal Hospital Association Anesthetic Guidelines, American Association of Feline Practitioners Anesthetic Guidelines, and regularly consult with veterinary anesthesiologists to remain current and continue to deliver safe procedures with patient comfort and recovery in mind.

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