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Anesthesia is a state of unconsciousness that is needed to keep your pet still and calm during an oral assessment, teeth cleaning, dental X-rays, and treatment.

  • Anesthesia is performed with the same medications, monitoring, and support that we humans receive at the hospital.
  • This includes a pre-anesthetic examination and testing, patient monitoring, IV fluids, warmth, and monitored recovery.
  • Pain management is a priority and medications are used before, during and after the procedure for pet comfort and optimal healing.
  • We use individualized anesthetic protocols based on the pets age, type of procedure and health status. We have protocols for pets with heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, and diabetes.


Multi-parameter anesthetics monitor
Multi-parameter anesthetics monitor.

Dental nurse monitoring the patient
A dental nurse monitoring the patient, using an anesthetic chart recording vital parameters into the patient’s record.

Learn more by viewing or downloading “Keys to Schedule Safe Anesthesia“.

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