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Missing / Impacted Teeth

If your dog is missing a visible tooth (or teeth), it might be beneath the gum and must be evaluated (with dental x-rays) promptly.

What you need to know…
  • A tooth impacted under the gum must be extracted asap.
  • Impacted teeth not removed may develop a bone cyst or dentigerous cyst.
  • Impacted teeth may also result in adjacent tooth loss and weaken the jaw leading to fracture.

How a missing / impacted tooth may look:

Missing & Impacted Teeth
Missing and impacted PM1

Dental xray showing impacted tooth and bone cyst
Impacted PM1 & bone cyst as revealed by dental x-ray

Possible Therapy / Treatment:

Most impacted teeth require extraction where gum tissue is elevated, bone removed to expose the tooth and root, cystic tissue removed and biopsied. In many cases, adjacent teeth must be extracted.

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