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Since our pets cannot talk, he or she will
rarely exhibit signs of dental pain.
Don’t wait till there is a clear and
visible need for oral care.


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Home oral care for your pet is
as important as you caring for your
own teeth. Learn more.


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60% of your pet’s teeth
lie under the gums.
Learn what dental x-rays can reveal
that standard ones cannot.


why we do what we do

To fulfill our dream to allow all dogs and cats to live comfortably.


Our Promise:
to enrich the life of each pet we treat

We go beyond teeth cleaning, offering complete oral health care with a wide range of advanced dentistry including root canal therapy and crowns. We also specialize in Maxillofacial surgery such as the repair of jaw fractures, and diagnosis and treatment of oral and facial tumors. Learn More…

Specialized Facility We are a dental and oral surgical facility designed to provide a relaxed and fear-free experience for pet and pet owners, while giving the best care with state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and staff.
Anesthesia General anesthesia allows us to immobilize your pet and to prevent any pain. In the majority of patients, the benefits of a dental procedure far outweigh the risks of anesthesia.
Dental X-Rays Unlike standard x-rays, the technology we use is an essential tool in the diagnosis and treatment planning of oral conditions in your pet.
What to Expect From consultation to post-treatment care, we aim to walk with you and your pet on this journey towards well-deserved comfort, improved health, and enriched lives.

About Dr. Juriga

Board Certified Veterinary DentistTM

“Being a veterinarian is the only thing I ever wanted to do. I grew up on a farm in Wheaton, Illinois with dogs, cats, sheep, horses, and chickens.

Growing up I observed and then was recruited to help Dr. McCaslin care for our animals. In those days, he would stay for dinner after treating one of our animals and tell amazing stories.”

Dr. Stephen Juriga, Doctor in Veterinary Medicine Degree

About Dr. Sasser

Board Certified Veterinary DentistTM

“I have always had a passion for animals and becoming a veterinarian from a very young age.

I have had many pets throughout my life; one pet in particular was my collie, Keiki who was by my side through many aspects of my life: veterinary school, graduation, new jobs, marriage, babies, and multiple moves.”

Dr Laura Sasser

About Dr. Kling

Board Certified Veterinary DentistTM

“Being a part of a team that shares the goal of making life healthier and happier for pets and dental care easier for their owners feels like home to me.”

“The real star of our house though is our rescue cat, Oliver who makes sure that the mantle is kept clear and helps himself to anything he can get his paws on, including his favorite food, tortilla chips.”

About Dr. Rutkauskas

Help us welcome Dr. Rutkauskas to the team! (January 2023)

“I have always been passionate about dentistry, even considering becoming a DDS, before I ultimately chose to pursue veterinary medicine. Combining my two passions through a residency at Veterinary Dental Center is a wonderful opportunity.”

“I am obsessed with my island cat, Kirra.  She was found during hurricane Irma in St. Kitts. She quickly become an important part of my life, adopting her only after a few weeks of fostering.  She has become my personal travel buddy, living and visting places such as St. Kitts, Chicago, Auburn, New Orleans, Nashville, and Lake Geneva”

About Dr. Hassan

Help us welcome Dr. Hassan to the team! (October 2023)

“In six years of primary care practice, I have had the opportunity to treat and manage pet health as well as educate pet parents. I am excited to be working with such distinguished specialists in helping better the lives of our patients and their parents.”

“I have an amazing family including my wife, son, daughter and our 2 cats.  Candy; a Siamese (now 14 years old) and Gracie; a Persian (now 12 years old). Both kitties were adopted during vet school, and they have been wonderful. Candy cannot sleep alone at night and Gracie needs a belly rub every few minutes. My kids don’t need as many belly rubs, but they do love a nice piggyback ride.”

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